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Our Process
Taking Your Implementation To A New Level Of Excellence

In today’s challenging economy, many companies are having difficulties finding an experienced implementation partner willing to work within a limited budget. DPM Technology Solutions is experienced at building low-cost, effective, and award-winning platforms for non-profit, for-profit, and public-sector companies. DPM Technology Solutions offers Certified Administrators that will work with you through all steps of the process:

Project Planning and Business Process Review  (BPR)

  • Determine Project Objectives, Priorities and Goals

  • Conduct a project kickoff meeting

  • Work with core users to understand today’s business processes and pain points


The Business Process Review (BPR) is to facilitate the mapping of business processes to, such as: identify the configuration, data migration, and training required for the implementation.


  • Project Objectives and Goals

  • Gap Analysis – Functional and Data Assessment

  • Functional Requirements and the Design to meet those requirements

  • Security - Application Administration, User Roles and Security rules

  • Data Migration - Requirements and a High-Level Design to meet those requirements

  • Integration Requirements and a High-Level Design to meet those requirements

  • Training Requirements and the Training Execution Plan 

Communication Planning and Execution


Establish a communication plan to facilitate the execution of plan throughout the entire project.

Define audience(s) requiring communication such as Stakeholders, Sponsors, etc…

Configuration and Development


Configure the application:

  • Set up Standard and Custom Apps, Objects, and Fields

  • Program Triggers and Workflow Rules to automate processes, Validation and Escalation Rules to ensure data quality and performance

  • Design and customize Page Layouts and Communications Templates

  • Design Data Security Structure based on Profiles, Roles, Field-Level Security and Sharing Rules

  • Create Custom List Views, Reports, Reporting Systems and Dashboards based on user and executive specifications

  • Oversee Data Migration via Apex Data Loader and Standard Import Wizard

  • Design and Build application extensions such as Web-to-Case, Web-to-Lead, Visual Force Pages, Salesforce Sites, Salesforce Mobile, and the Self-Service and Customer Portals

  • Develop Data and Application Integrations (QuickBooks expert on staff); provide full vetting and oversight of Appexchange vendors, product testing and installation


(Partial List of Available Services)

Application and Data Review


Testing and Review period is an extension of the Configuration & Development phase, where users review the configuration of the Salesforce application (Application Review). This is typically done while the Configuration & Development phase is still in progress. Prior to go-live, time is set aside for a review of the migrated data within the new configuration (Data Review). 

Training and Support


  • Training Manuals.

  • Virtual Training using Go-To-Meeting

  • Quick Reference Guides

  • FAQ

  • Information on accessing provided training and the online Help

  • Addition of “Quick Links” to the Training Materials on the Homepage or a Custom Tab

  • Identify future training needs – both administrator and end-user

  • Future support available to leverage new technology during subsequent feature releases.

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