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Due to DPM Technology's outstanding expertise of Salesforce, the process of developing, customizing and implementing at our organization was positive, undemanding, and even fun at times….Our previously cumbersome and haphazard database was transformed into an easy access, simple to use system that allows us to maintain accurate data which leads to higher productivity and better fundraising and grant making efforts…Their deep understanding of the, coupled with their dedication to support will continue to result in the highest quality of work.” 

- Non-Profit Customer

My company was going through a shift in management of our database and I was looking for a firm to help create an easier flow of information through the application for our multiple users. DPM Technology Solutions was able to not only grasp the specific needs of our niche business but also clearly identify and explain the various options available to us that would solve those needs. I was extremely impressed with their depth of understanding, their responsiveness to our needs and the timeliness in which our project was completed. I liked them so much I am already trying to think of the next project I can utilize them on!"

- Publishing Company Using

Our company’s need was to track and monitor New York City job permits.  We wanted a tool to proactively notify us, in advance, of when a permit was about to expire.  An expired permit on a job in progress could cost thousands of dollars in fines. DPM Technology Solutions recommended that we use to:  track and monitor our permits, set up email alerts and notifications, and develop/display priority schemes.  We highly recommend DPM because of their understanding of the business and assessment of our needs, in addition to their service level, commitment and completion of the project."

- New York Area Construction Company

DPM Solutions has been a really valuable asset to us as we implemented Advologix, as well as we grow in our use and reliance on the product.  They are currently managing the implementation of our new Salesforce-based accounting package, Accounting Seed, as well as modifying Advologix to accommodate a new type of matter that we recently began for one of our clients.  DPM has been, in all regards, extremely responsive to our needs, and very efficient with their work, as well as a pleasure to work with.  I cannot speak highly enough of them."

- New Jersey Law Office

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